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At IFMR GSB, our mission is to create knowledge with enduring impact, and influence and educate current and future leaders. Leaders like you. We do this through a passionate commitment to helping the best and brightest minds turn their ideas and talents into a meaningful impact.

Creating Responsible Leaders

An IFMR student will be a reflective, ethical, effective professional with a global mindset and ethical foundations; will excel in data-driven decision making and in communicating effectively in a digitized world; will lead self and others in managing complex environments.

At IFMR GSB, we place a premium on quality education. Our students are provided a vibrant intellectual foundation of theory, knowledge, skills and perspectives that is further enriched by our unique interwoven approach. The internships and the live projects with the industry connect prepares the student on the job.

IFMR GSB is the place that looks towards solving the problems of the future. Our students are provided a robust interwoven curriculum that prepares them for a multi-disciplinary approach towards problem solving and effective management


We prepare our students in integrated reasoning so that they are the preferred choice of employers. Many go on to become successful leaders of enterprises— of existing ones and the ones they create. At IFMR GSB, we ensure our students gain a sense of stewardship—not just of enterprises, but also of the human, financial, material, and natural resources that must be sustained for posterity.

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