Other Benefits

  • Opportunities For Excellence In Research And Teaching
  • Faculty with PhD from renowned national & international institutions
Full-time PhD residents stay on the campus for the entire duration of the programme. This means that a student cannot take up alternate employment during the course of study.


Krea University provides a monthly stipend to full-time PhD students to support them in their studies. The details of monthly stipend are as shown below and are subject to change every year:

S. No. Year Amount per month (INR)
1 First Year 42,000/-
2 Second Year 42,000/-
3 Third Year 45,000/-
4 Fourth Year 45,000/-
5 Fifth Year 45,000/-


Full-time PhD scholars are required to stay on campus.  Krea will provide hostel rooms (sharing type) on campus. for a monthly fee. However, if accommodation is not available on campus, students have to make their own arrangements outside campus. Students who stay outside the Krea campus need not pay monthly room rent to Krea.