15 global scholarships for Undergraduate students this summer

The Partnerships Office at Krea has facilitated compelling global scholarships and opportunities for students, based on their interests and skill-sets. This year, 15 students from the Undergraduate school are recipients of scholarships to various global academic and work programmes.

First-year students Deepaknarayan, Aishwarya Srihari, Diya Ahuja, and Arnav Gulati are all set to pursue a programme in International Relations at the King’s College London (KCL), while second-year students Satvika Char and Pria Susan Jacob will pursue a programme in Psychology at KCL.

Taking their interest in international policy and economics one step further, first-year students Harini Elango, Rhea Parameswaran, Kairav Bhalla and Prashanthi Subbiah have won scholarships to the highly rigorous Data and Policy Summer Scholar Program at the reputed University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy.

Going beyond summer academic programmes, students received an opportunity to also immerse themselves in global internships. Supported by CIEE (a Krea global partner), second-year students — Jahnavi Chandramouli, Smriti Venkatraman, Malavika Raja, Neha Jacob, and Shreya Hegde — have been offered attractive international projects with international organisations in Europe and USA.