Global Scholarship Recipient Feature: Neha Jacob

Part of the UG cohort 2022, Neha shares her learnings and experience as a Market Research & Financing intern at ‘Eden GeoTech’.

29 July 2021 | By Ashutosh Verma, Krea Cohort 2022

Neha Jacob, a student from the UG cohort of 2022 at Krea, has always been fascinated by the world of finance. Her interest grew and went to the next level when she became one of the recipients of a global scholarship, supported by CIEE (a Krea global partner). With the summer of 2021 looking up, Neha has begun her internship with Eden GeoTech – innovators in the field of geotechnology with a vision for a sustainable future. 

Sharing the skills she is waiting to acquire and her experience so far, Neha is confident that this global exposure will bring her the career outcomes she hopes for. 

The Internship Experience

The organisation that I selected is a venture capital startup by a few MIT graduates. Along with me, there are also a number of students from around the world interning here. As an intern in Market Research and Financing, I have learnt a lot about investment, the market, financial modelling and have had the opportunity to interact with students from around the world. It also taught me the importance of effective communication owing to the time difference between mine and my colleagues’.

On Skills and Talent

The internship has given me some much-needed insights into the area of financial modelling, which I was not exposed to before. It has also enabled me to interlink investing and finances with Economics, which is a great necessity in economic areas such as budgeting. Additionally, due to the startup nature of the company, I have also gained a deeper understanding of how an organisation cements its base.

About the Programme

I have always been interested in learning more about clean energy and finance, and this internship is giving me just the right exposure. Moreover, due to the global nature of the internship, I am also virtually meeting a lot of new people and expanding my network thus gaining a global perspective on matters that interest me the most.

On Future Aspirations and Assignments

I would like to expand and specialise in economics, leaning towards Environmental Economics. Furthermore, I intend to study and gain expertise in the area of data visualisation.

More than an Internship

I’m having a lot of fun with the internship! It has been very engaging and my superiors are friendly and helpful. They also have a lot of experience in the area which is certainly beneficial for me and my career outcomes. I’ve gained a lot of confidence and experience from this internship. Interning at a startup, and being given an agency in the decision-making process, has made me feel that my work truly matters.

Accessing a world of opportunities

I’ve learnt so many things through this internship. From financial modelling to interacting with my fellow interns from around the world, the internship has been a great opportunity to forge international connections and relationships along with gaining valuable experience!