"Chemistry at Krea has enhanced my analytical thinking and problem-solving skills, with a deep understanding of scientific concepts that can be applied across various disciplines."

Indulekha Kookal

SIAS Cohort of 2024

Chemistry at Krea

The Krea Chemistry course has the required coverage by global and Indian standards of Chemistry education, which will prepare the students for many different career options. However, we have experimented with the order of introducing the concepts, which is a significant departure from existing pedagogy, and is different from the order in which the ideas were developed historically. We have brought quantum mechanics in the beginning of the course and have introduced statistical mechanics before the thermodynamics. The first innovation is to address the common refrain of the students that they do not enjoy inorganic chemistry and the periodic table, while the second innovation is aimed to give an intuitive approach to entropy as a way of counting rather than the abstract and formal way through the heat engines. The third innovative aspect is the aspect of interweaving biology within the Chemistry course. These innovations have been noted and complimented by the external experts. The guiding principles of Krea university pedagogy, e.g., being writing intensive, research-based, and interdisciplinary, are woven into the individual courses.

The Approach

The learning-outcome based curriculum framework has been designed incorporating the Krea ethos to impart knowledge about Chemistry to Krea undergraduates. The syllabus balances the demands of the interwoven nature of Krea pedagogy and the requirements of a Chemistry major according to Indian and global chemistry curricula. The syllabus represents the requirement for a comprehensive major that ensures that students who graduate from Krea with an undergraduate Chemistry degree can go on to a wide variety of higher learning/career paths.

Programme Details