Introducing the 4 year UG Programme from 2023 Intake onwards

From the 2023 intake onwards, students can earn a BA (Honours) or BSc (Honours) degree as part of Krea University’s 4 year Undergraduate Programme. Students have the option to exit at the end of three years and can earn for themselves a BA or Bsc degree.


Krea University offers a BA, BSc, BA (Hons) and BSc (Hons) programmes. During the course of the programme, students may choose to pursue a combination of Majors/Joint-Majors, Minors and Concentrations offered along with a Capstone Project/Thesis in the final year.

IFMR Society, the sponsor of the university, has been operating the IFMR Graduate School of Business on a 40-acre campus, accommodating over 400 students at Sri City, Andhra Pradesh. Krea’s programmes have commenced on this campus.

We are strongly committed to creating a safe and secure campus for our students. The campus is enclosed by well-lit perimeter fencing topped with barbed wire and all access gates including pathways have 24×7 security staff. There are CCTV cameras with recording systems installed at critical areas around campus for the safety of students. All external personnel and visitors are issued ID cards and all vehicles are checked during entry and exit. In addition, all campus fire and security measures are overseen by retired senior personnel from the Police and Armed Forces. The security team at Krea also works proactively with the local police establishment to provide a safe environment for students within the larger vicinity of the campus.

The applications for UG programme commencing in August 2024  will open on 3 October 2023. Please visit here to apply. 

No, students don’t have to declare their Major at the time of Admissions. They will elect their Major during the second year after taking a set of Core and Skill courses in the first year.

Krea conducts an Admissions assessment as one of the first steps in the Admissions process after the review of application forms.

No, students may only apply in one round of the current Admissions cycle. Any duplication of application across rounds will result in its disqualification.

Letters of recommendation are not required to be provided by the student during application. However, the Office of Admissions may reach out to select candidates for recommendations in case certain aspects of their application may require additional support.

No, offline applications are not accepted. Please visit our website to access the online application form.

You may choose to apply in any round as per your preference. The round in which you are applying does not affect your selection in any way.

No, there are no discipline-specific prerequisites.

Academic scores for standard IX, X, XI and XII need to be submitted.

Before completion of a board examination when scores are predicted for each of the subjects based on prior performance, these scores are referred to as predicted scores.

Various sections of the application form such as academic scores, extracurricular activities, co-curricular activities are given adequate weightage to ensure that an applicant’s achievements can be considered holistically.

No. It is not mandatory to have SAT and ACT scores. However, students can submit SAT and ACT scores if they have taken the test. 

Krea aims to attract high potential students to come, learn, contribute and benefit from this wonderful educational experience, regardless of their ability to pay. We follow a need-blind Admissions process and a need-aware financial assistance process that endeavours to support the financial needs of a student who wishes to pursue his/her educational aspirations in the University. Assistance provided will depend on multiple assessment parameters, including the income status of the parents/legal guardian.

Students become eligible to apply for financial assistance via an online financial assistance application form once they have been shortlisted for Stage 2 of the Admissions process (KIC Day). Students will receive communication regarding this on their registered email addresses. 

Please see Financial Assistance Eligibility for more details.

Yes, information on loans is available on the Krea website in the page on Financial Assistance.

You can post your queries in the portal or you can write to us at [email protected]

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