It literally means the ‘freedom to pursue’ different courses of study. It represents an interdisciplinary perspective to learning, and engages both the right brain and left brain of the student. It spans the natural sciences, mathematics, social sciences, humanities, arts and literature. The student builds foundations in one or more of these disciplines before specializing. Krea’s paradigm of interwoven learning reimagines liberal arts and sciences education in a manner relevant to the future. Liberal, and in turn Krea, does not stand for left liberalism and elitism. We are an institution promoting independent thought and are agnostic to any ideology.

“Interwoven learning” represents the weaving together of creativity and action-orientation, the arts and the sciences, the left brain and the right brain, the east and the west, and ultimately weaving together the learnings of the past with readiness for the future.

Krea University offers 3-year undergraduate B.A. (Hons) and B.Sc. (Hons) programmes, with the option of pursuing an additional year in advanced studies. Students may choose to pursue a combination of concentration majors and minors offered, including a double major concentration.

Krea’s first cohort, with 113 students started in August 2019, for the academic year 2019-20. To know more about the admissions timeline for the next cohort, please keep checking our website.

Students will be exposed to a range of co-curricular activities like lectures, seminars, performances, recitals by upcoming/ eminent scholars and artists. We wish for our students to develop a strong sense of the aesthetic and intellectual interests that such activities and interactions promote. There are several student clubs and committees on campus to engage and nurture a diverse set of extra-curricular interests that our students have.

Well Being Requirement: It is also important to us that students develop their mind and body. Students are encouraged to pursue physical activities like sports, outdoor activities like hiking, reflective activities like meditation/yoga. During their time at Krea, they will also be required to take and successfully complete a course on any such activity. It will be a non-graded requirement.

Graduate Essay: To inculcate mindfulness and enable our students to reflect upon their journey at Krea, students are assigned an essay in their first year on question along the lines of “How to Lead a Good Purposeful Life?” that gets them to think beyond themselves. Each student is expected to work on this essay – not more than 3 pages – and keep changing it as their thinking evolves. It will have to be submitted to their advisor before they graduate.

Yes, Krea will have research centres and incubators both on and off campus. These may be in partnership with other institutes/universities.

At Krea, faculty and students together form vibrant, cutting-edge learning communities in which highly trained specialists assist novice practitioners in their journey towards expertise, individually and as a collective, with academic integrity and a strong sense of ethics overall as our hallmark. In each Krea student, we seek to hone imagination, depth, and the ability to deliver, in academic contexts and beyond.

In such a view, assessment is not merely grading. It forms a continuous and rigorous evaluative process by which we trace each student’s learning and academic trajectories in order to discover and unleash potential. It is also a means to signpost challenges students may face as part of their academic growth. To fulfil these larger goals, each course at Krea will involve multiple assessment touch points with continual feedback. Students will tackle—and be assessed on—a variety of assignments that elicit depth and breadth of understanding and critical inquiry, as course, major, discipline, and our interwoven learning philosophy demand.

Krea students will graduate with a high level of preparedness to pursue a vast number of avenues like pursuing higher studies, appearing for the civil service exams, joining government organisations or the corporate world, working in a non-profit, research or think tank environment, being an entrepreneur or a performing artist. The world will literally be their stage and they will perform.
One of the key pillars of Krea’s programme design is to keep the boundaries between the classroom world and the ‘real’ world, porous. To that end, every student will complete at least two immersive learning experiences as internships with a range of organizations which may be community-based, corporate, academic or industry. These projects will be in consultation with an academic advisor and a career advisor, encouraging active conversation between students and their mentor on how these immersive ‘real world’ experiences are connected to their academic course of study.

IFMR Society, the sponsor of the university, has been operating the IFMR Graduate School of Business on a 40-acre campus, accommodating over 400 students at Sri City, Andhra Pradesh. Krea’s courses will commence on this campus. Krea’s main campus, designed to be a green-field and learning-friendly, will be spread over 200 acres in Sri City, 55 kms north of Chennai, and is expected to be in place by 2022.

We believe strongly that learning and intellectual enrichment happens both within the classroom and outside. Krea creates a safe, secure and exciting residential environment, where students will learn not just from faculty, but from other professionals and their peers and form lifelong bonds.

We are strongly committed to creating a safe and secure campus for our students. The campus is enclosed by well-lit perimeter fencing topped with barbed wire and all access gates including pathways have 24×7 security staff. There are CCTV cameras with recording systems installed at critical areas around campus for safety of students. All external personnel and visitors are issued ID cards and all vehicles are checked during entry and exit. In addition, all campus fire and security measures are overseen by retired senior personnel from the Police and Armed Forces. The security team at Krea also works proactively with the local police establishment to provide a safe environment for students within the larger vicinity of the campus. 

No, students don’t have to declare their major at the time of admission. They will elect their major during the second year after taking a core of arts and science courses.

Krea does not have its own admissions entrance exam for this year. However, as a part of the stage 2 (Krea Immersive Case Day) of our admissions process, a quantitative reasoning test is conducted. We also encourage students to submit SAT and ACT scores if they have taken the test, albeit it is not mandatory. Please visit our website for more information on the admissions process, sample application format and question papers.

No, students may only apply in one round. Any duplication of application across rounds will result in its disqualification.

Letters of recommendation are an optional aspect and not mandated to be provided by the student during application. However, the Office of Admissions may reach out to select candidates for recommendations in case certain aspects of their application may require additional support.

No, offline applications are not accepted. Please visit our website to access the online application form.

Krea aims to attract high potential students, to come, learn, contribute and benefit from this wonderful educational experience, regardless of their ability to pay. We follow a need-blind admissions process and a need aware financial assistance process that endeavours to support the financial need of a student who wishes to pursue his/her educational aspirations in the University. Assistance provided will depend on multiple assessment parameters, including the income status of the parents / legal guardian.

Students become eligible to apply for financial assistance via an online financial assistance application form once they have been shortlisted for Stage 2 of the admissions process (KIC Day). Students will receive communication regarding this on their registered email addresses.

Please see Financial Assistance Eligibility under the Admission tab for more details.

We are working on establishing partnerships and are in talks with leading financial institutions to enable students to take out loans.

You can call our admission counsellors at 044 71650234 or you can write to us at admissions@krea.edu.in

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