At Krea, we have a need-blind admission process and a need-aware financial assistance process that endeavours to support the financial need of a student who wishes to pursue his/her educational aspirations in the University. Assistance provided will depend on the income status of the parents / legal guardian, but will take into account other assessment parameters as well.

Our Office of Financial Assistance runs separately from the Office of Admissions. Data and information contained in your Financial Assistance application is not shared with the Office of Admissions.

We look forward to seeing you at Krea.

With best wishes,
Office of Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

Educational Loans

In an effort to make world-class education affordable to all, Krea University has collaborated with the following organization, banks and financial institutions to enable students to explore education loan options.
It may be noted that Krea University will only facilitate access to education loans from these banks without any obligation on its part. Those interested in education loans are requested to get the latest information on the interest rate and other terms directly from the banks.