Selection Process

Stage 1 -Online Application Form

  1. Submission of the application form

  2. Shortlisting for Krea Immersive Case (KIC)

    • In select cases, we may call for recommendation letters to verify certain aspects of the application

  3. Financial Assistance Application opens

Stage 2 – Krea Immersive Case (KIC)

The purpose of the Krea Immersive Case is to assess those qualities in an applicant that shine through in an interactive, hands-on setting. The case experience also provides applicants a snapshot of Krea’s Interwoven Learning approach in-action.

  • The Krea Immersive Case consists of:

  1. Case study presentation: Our faculty present the case for the students in the KIC. These cases usually highlight an ongoing or relevant topic for the applicants. The cases encourage students to understand the various perspectives mentioned in the case study. 

  2. Reflection essays: Applicants reflect on the case study by writing about their perspective of the case study.

  3. Group Discussion and Presentation: Applicants work in groups to deliberate and provide approaches that could resolve issues encountered  in the case study and make a presentation to a panel comprising faculty and admissions team members.

  4. Conversations: Applicants engage in conversations with a panel comprising faculty and admissions team member, 

1) Decision on admission

Based on the information provided by the applicant and the evaluation scores awarded across the two stages of selection, the applicant may receive the following decisions:

  1. Confirmed offer of admission: Applicants who have done well across the two stages of selection and meet our selection benchmarks and have also got, either the actual XIIth Board scores or SAT/ACT test scores (as explained in the eligibility section), may get confirmed admission offer. For such applicants, the following scenarios are applicable:
    1. Applicants whose actual XIIth Board scores (not predicted scores) are the primary indicator of merit may receive confirmed admission offers.
    2. Applicants whose SAT/ACT have been considered as the primary indicator of merit vis-a-vis their actual or predicted XIIth Board scores may also receive confirmed admission offers. However, for Indian students, there will be a minimum condition of passing the XIIth Board exams to fulfill the legal norms for undergraduate education.
  2. Conditional offer of admission: Applicants, who meet our selection benchmark based on their predicted XIIth Board scores may receive conditional admission offers. The condition will typically be meeting the predicted scores or achieving a specific target score. In the eventuality that the actual scores obtained fall short of the predicted or specific target scores, the final decision will be based on whether the difference in scores still fulfills the selection benchmark.

In addition, if the applicant submits an SAT/ACT score after receiving a conditional offer, the SAT/ACT score can be taken into account for changing the conditional offer of admission to a confirmed offer of admission.

2) Denial of admission: Applicants may be denied admission at any stage of selection.

  1. Stage 1: Applicants with online application profile comprising actual XIIth Board scores who have not met the selection benchmark of getting shortlisted for the Krea Immersive Case, will not be offered admission. For such applicants, the process ends at Stage 1.
  2. Stage 2: Applicants with a final score comprising the Krea Immersive Case scores and actual XIIth Board scores, who have not met the selection benchmark, will not be offered admission

3) Deferral for Immersion / admission offer: Applicants may receive a deferral of decision at any stage of the admissions process in the following scenarios:

  1. Stage 1: Applicants whose scores based on evaluation of application form, does not meet the benchmark, may be deferred shortlisting for the Krea Immersive Case. They could be shortlisted for the Krea Immersive Case at a later stage subject to obtaining superior actual XIIth Board scores, which may help them meet the shortlisting benchmark.
  2. Stage 2: Applicants who have gone through the Krea Immersive Case, but whose overall performance does not meet the selection benchmark in the applicant pool at that stage, will be deferred. This may change subject to obtaining better than predicted scores in XIIth Boards or an improved relative position of the applicant in the total pool of applicants.
    During either stage, if the applicant takes up SAT/ACT, he/she can share the scores for inclusion in their admission evaluation and processing.