Student Spotlight: The ‘Her Campus’ Krea Chapter

The Voice of the Youth with ‘Her Campus’

A magazine that has students expressing themselves, relating to other students, and taking the discussion forward about gender, equality, and all the other elements that go into making a level playing field. A handful of students leading this movement, one blogpost and Instagram reel at a time. Whether you want to learn the basics of sewing a button into your shirt, how to socialise while social distancing, or learn hacks to saving money as a college student — the Her Campus Krea chapter is all this and more, with articles, posts, reels and digital content reiterating the belief that the future, indeed, is bright. is recognised as the number one global community for college students, written and contributed by student writers from around the world. Started by three college women in 2009, Her Campus is now a massive community with 400 chapters, across 11 countries, on all social media platforms, and raring to cover all topics under the sun with the intent of filling a huge gap in the media market — an online magazine, for and by the youth.

Members of the Her Campus Krea chapter share in great detail about who they are, what they do, and how their contributions help take the voice of the youth to the world.

Who are the founding members of the Her Campus Krea chapter?

The four main people who pushed to launch this initiative out of sheer interest were Akshaya,

Manasa, Gopika, and Ruchika from the Krea Undergraduate cohort of 2022. While looking for members to initially recruit to the core team, we sought to include students who possessed the skill sets their roles necessitated as well as an interest in the initiative itself. In this process, we found out that Irene Sarah and Reyna Eapen were also inclined towards and aware of the initiative.

Akshaya and Manasa took on the role of Campus Correspondents due to prior experience with leadership. Ruchika took on the role of Senior Editor due to prior experience with editing. Gopika took up the position of Marketing and Publicity Director from prior experience with public relations. The same went for Reyna, Social Media Director, who has had experience working with social media design, and Irene, Events Director, who has had plenty of experience in organising and hosting events. For the other members of the chapter, an application form was sent out and students from both cohorts have been selected. 

The Her Campus Krea Executive Board members include:

  1. Akshaya Shankar (Cohort of 2022): Major – Psychology / Minor – Literature
  2. Manasa Krishnan (Cohort of 2022): Major – Economics / Minor – Business Studies
  3. Ruchika Gupta (Cohort of 2022): Major: Economics / Minor – Psychology
  4. Gopika Krishna C (Cohort of 2022): Major – Biological Sciences / Minor – Psychology
  5. Reyna Eapen (Cohort of 2022): Major – Mathematics / Concentration – Psychology and Computer Science
  6. Irene Sarah (Cohort of 2022): Major – Economics / Minor – Business Studies

How did you hear about Her Campus?

We got to know about this initiative through Akshaya’s sister and we were inspired by Her Campus Ashoka. We had heard of the kind of work that was being initiated by Her Campus which drew us towards it. The initiative takes place in a very corporate setting – with chapter members reporting back to their respective executives, who in turn report to the campus correspondents. The campus correspondents then communicate on everyone’s behalf with the Her Campus Media team at Boston. It has been launched at Krea because the initiative itself stands for inclusivity and interesting cultural as well as artistic interactions. We look to be more than just a simple online magazine. While the emphasis is placed on digital content, we also plan on hosting events and fundraisers with our larger aim being community-building.

What kind of submissions have you made thus far?

We have made submissions along the vertices of wellness, beauty, lifestyle, entertainment, sex and relationships, literature, friendship, career, money, and lots more!

This website has links to all the articles that have been published on HC Krea’s website.

Who comes up with the story ideas/topics? What is the writing process like?

All the writers are given the opportunity and freedom to pick topics and pitch ideas that appeal to them. Once the article ideas are approved (which is pretty much always), the content writers go on to write it and then send it in for editing. The writing process as such encapsulates each

writer’s own style and subjective takes on where they see the articles going. The idea is for every writer to have the creative freedom to shape articles the way they envision them!

Do only regular writers contribute to Her Campus?

For the most part, they are regular writers. This is because we hope for it to be a learning and growing experience for them as well, which requires time. Given that they are regular writers, they have the opportunity to explore a variety of topics and really showcase their skills over a range of categories and articles. However, we also encourage writers who are eager to say something to send in their articles on a case by case basis!

How has the experience been so far?

The experience has truly been a very enriching one. In this short time, we have learnt a lot more about team management, team building, writing, etc.

What is the Krea chapter’s plan, in terms of impactful messaging?

The intent is to cover exciting, trendy, and current topics. HC as a platform is extremely inclusive and open, always welcoming all sorts of informed opinions and views. This way, HC also creates a space for writers to be heard and make room for topics of substance to be discussed. The aim is to curate content that differs from a typical college magazine – and by giving writers the agency to write about almost any topic under the sun, HC does offer an element of freedom when it comes to written content.

Ultimately, we aim to make all chapter members feel like they belong here and build a space where they feel comfortable voicing their opinions.