Prof Sarabjeet D. Natesan selected for Tata Trusts – Partition Archive Research Grant

Prof Sarabjeet D. Natesan, Associate Professor of Economics at Krea University, has been selected for the Tata Trusts – Partition Archive Research Grant. The Tata Grant is an immersive research residency grant program for academic researchers. It provides an opportunity for those who seek to explore and study The Archive’s complete oral history collections including over 9,400 oral history accounts on video.

In addition to Prof Natesan’s ongoing research interests in the implementation of public policy, her current interwoven research focuses on ‘Bazaars of 1947-Micro Stories of Businesses in Post Partition India’. It explores migration and its economic aftermath through the stories of refugees from the newly carved country of Pakistan to India in 1947. The overarching objective of this work is to piece together a narrative of personal stories of economic despair and challenges, of economic despair and fortitude in small pockets, and to document the contribution of small businesses in rebuilding lives, relationships, communities, and a country.