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Giving to Krea University

Krea’s mission is to help humanity prepare for an unpredictable world by shaping a new generation of leaders for the 21st century. Leaders who can navigate complex challenges and uncertainties, and create societal impact equipped with adaptability, resilience, ethical decision making and a deep sense of purpose.

Krea is a collective philanthropy, and is being built with the objective of providing high quality, research oriented and industry relevant higher education in India, through its unique pedagogy of Interwoven Learning. We place utmost value to donor’s participation in building and co-creating the University as a world leading institution.

As we prepare our students to solve global problems, your backing and strong support will help us accelerate our impact, making a real positive difference in the world.

We invite you to associate and partake in this exciting journey at Krea. Your contribution will help build a world class university, support cutting-edge research and make education inclusive. All gifts, irrespective of the amount, go a long way in supporting our commitment to create the next generation of future leaders, and help humanity prepare for an unpredictable world.

Join us in shaping lives of these young leaders and help build an institution that will stand the test of time.

Ways to Support

Your contribution will shape lives of students who will become impactful leaders in society, contributing to development, leadership, governance, policy and the like.

Having you onboard will empower and enable us to deliver on our mission and we are convinced that together we can achieve more.

You can get involved in many different ways, from supporting student scholarships, faculty chairs to enabling cutting edge research and robust campus infrastructure.

Our partners support different activities based on their giving orientation, including:

  • Supporting need-based scholarships for students
  • Building research labs and centers that focus on solving problems with high social impact
  • Building infrastructure: Promoting accessibility and inclusivity in campus design
  • Supporting Faculty Chairs and enabling faculty research

Scholarship Program

Krea’s need based scholarship programme offers underprivileged students access to an equal opportunity platform for their undergraduate studies. About 40% of our cohort receives aid in varying amounts from 10% to over 100% of fees and living expenses. You can financially support the tuition fee and living expenses of 1 or more students. Through an Endowment fund, you can enable a scholarship for perpetuity.

Research Grants

Research fosters professional excellence in the Faculty which is important for delivering outstanding student education. Krea promotes Faculty research and encourages Faculty members to undertake inter disciplinary research. Your grant will support the cutting-edge interdisciplinary research undertaken by Krea’s world class faculty. Insights generated will inform faculty's view of the future and continually feed input to the iterative design of Interwoven Learning.

Faculty Chair

Krea’s multi-faceted Faculty are some of the finest academic minds drawn from the top universities in India and abroad. They bring in academic rigor and experiential knowledge and encourage students to think afresh, challenge the status quo, shaping lives of future leaders. By supporting a Faculty Chair you will cover honorarium of a faculty for a stipulated period.

Campus development

Krea University's campus is conceived as a learning laboratory, rooted in its ethos of learning beyond the classroom and is designed to facilitate collaborative learning.
You can choose to support infrastructure development or contribute to our sustainability agenda by investing in any of our green initiatives.

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Support Krea University

Krea University is registered under 10(23C) (vi) and 80G of the income Tax Act 1961. Donations to
Krea University are eligible for a tax rebate of 50% under 80 (G) certification.

Krea is compliant with the latest amendment to the CSR Policy in February 2021. As per the revised mandate, a CSR- 1 registration number has been obtained from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

For further details contact Krea Development Office:
[email protected]

Creating Impact

Backed by our donor’s support, Krea’s students drive innovation in areas vital to resolving challenges of this fast-changing world.

Throughout their academic journey at Krea, may it be rigorous internships, robust summer programmes, building research skills or contributing to futuristic projects, students at Krea continuously translate core learning from classroom into impact in community.

Our intent is clear – that students from Krea become ethical, impactful leaders in society, contributing to development, leadership, governance, policy and the like.

Our Donors

Krea believes in active donor engagement and stewardship. Our donors are enablers of our vision and truly are the pillars of our pursuit of offering quality higher education.

Donors are welcome to visit the campus, meet with students, have open conversations, exchange ideas and create value for students through their rich and varied experience.

Donors will receive regular updates about Krea and its students and can also choose to engage in skill and knowledge transfer by offering corporate placements or internships or through mentoring programmes, as per Krea’s policy.