Interning in Supply Chain Companies – All the Scope and Opportunities

The blog is written by Prof. Chandrasekaran N, Professor, Operations Management, IFMR GSB The supply chain is about a firm strategically managing inbound and outbound processes and other firms fulfilling the ultimate customer demand. It is important to note that there are multiple nodes and flows across the supply network while managing demand and supply […]

Where Do We Go with Health Policy and Research in a Post-COVID World?

The Banyan Academy of Leadership and Mental Health organised a webinar, which will also feature Principal Economist at LEAD, Dr. Shailender Swaminathan. A collaboration with LEAD at Krea University, the webinar examined the future directions of health policy and research in India, with a focus on mental health in the current context.

Krea hosts dialogue sans borders- conversations with the world

Krea University hosted a series of compelling conversations between eminent subject experts from world-renowned universities and research organizations across the globe, and the academic minds at Krea — on the post-crisis future of our nations, health, families, societies, environment and the interconnected world we live in. These curated diverse global narratives redefine the world of tomorrow. With more than 20 eminent speakers from 7 nations across the globe, dialogue sans borders was a four session global event.

Supporting Women-led Rural Microenterprises through COVID and Beyond

LEAD hosted the third chapter of a webinar series on supporting women-led rural micro enterprises amid COVID-19 and beyond. A collaboration with the World Bank and the Ministry of Rural Development, it featured senior policymakers and experts with a discussion on short-term and long-term policy interventions and strategies to enable graduation of women-led enterprises.

Tackling Gender-based Violence Through the Lens of Space

LEAD concluded their three-part webinar series on rising gender-based violence amid COVID-19 . The final part explored the role of space – public, private and digital, in gender-based violence, especially in the current context. Highlighting gaps in current research, the young and dynamic panel answered questions from the participants and presented a way forward towards building safe and inclusive spaces for all.