Prof Sumit Mishra publishes impactful research paper

IFMR GSB faculty member — Sumit Mishra, Assistant Professor, Economics and Data Science has co-authored an impactful research paper, “Diversity Deficit and Scale-Flip” with Naveen Bharathi (Harvard University), Deepak Malghan (IIM – Bangalore), and Andaleeb Rahman (Cornell University) published in the Journal of Development Studies, using data from more than half a million villages in India, shows that greater caste-diversity is associated with better public goods access in rural India.

Prof N Chandrasekharan authors the book ‘Operations Strategy’

“Operations Strategy”, a book by Prof N Chandrasekharan of IFMR GSB at Krea University, co-authored with Prof. Chandiran P has been published by CENGAGE. The book with its practical approach will add immense value not just for students but for practitioners as well.

Marketing approach during the pandemic crisis

This article is written by Dr. Sathya Saminadhan, Assistant Professor – Marketing at IFMR GSB It is surprising to see the recent whir regarding the uncertainties in the industrial arena amid the pandemic crisis and many pondering over ideas to tackle it through innovative marketing techniques. There is a golden line in marketing, “Do not […]

Coronavirus and its Impact on the Economy: exploring threats and opportunities

Coronavirus and its Impact on the Economy: exploring threats and opportunities Madhuri Saripalle, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Business, IFMR, Sricity. The world economy is facing one of its worst crises since a century. Economies across the globe are seeing a sharp contraction in growth caused by the economic lockdown to control the spread of […]

Current Trends in Banking and Finance

Current Trends in Banking and Finance The blog is written by C. Krishnan. The Author is  Director, Financial Assistance & Senior Advisor, IFMR Graduate School of Business, Krea University. I joined the banking industry in the pre-computerized era and have seen the many changes over the last three decades. However, the changes that I have witnessed […]